My JRA Heros

My JRA Heros
My JRA Heros- Jake & Hannah

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sloan Siblings Receive A Gift of Hope.....

Ten months ago, I opened my mailbox to read a packet from Make-A-Wish Foundation that Jake and Hannah both have been invited to make a special wish..... It was such an emotional experience to read that both of our children are able to make a special wish just for themselves.  Some people think Make-A-Wish is just for children who are terminally ill, but it also includes children who have life threatening chronic illnesses.   Jake and Hannah are receiving a gift of Hope and they so deserve a chance to renew their courage and determination to fight JRA!   For a moment I cried and thought how do I actually have two children who qualified to receive such an amazing dream.

Last June, as I briefly explained "Make A Wish"  to Hannah and Jake and this once in a lifetime opportunity. Hannah thought of only one dream, one wish! It was to take away our dear friend, Jeri's cancer and to heal him.  If  I wasn't crying before...I sure did at this point. I explained to her that this was different...she was able to pick somewhere she always dreamed of going, or wished to have, or be, or meet someone special.  She insisted that her wish was to take away Jeri's cancer.  Hannah and Jake share the infusion room at Shands Hospital  with children who are like themselves and others who have cancer.  These children are all their friends and they understand it more than most adults understand.  So to Hannah she wanted Jeri to be healthy and not have to endure treatments like she does and other children do. Bobby and I had many conversations with Hannah to try to convince her she can be selfish, just this onetime and pick a wish just for herself.

Jake and Hannah had 5 days to think about their wish.  They had been asked to provide the wish granters (Miss Candy and  Mr. Joe)  with at least two wish requests. Jake did  not surprise us with his wishes-- he has always asked us to think about getting a therapy pool. He loved the pool at LRMC and thinks it would be the best thing for he and Hannah to have an opportunity to swim everyday, with heat, jets and current control to continue to build his endurance.  His second wish is a trip to Alaska.  Yes- if you know've heard about his plans for Alaska. Hannah on the other hand-- her wish list changes by the minute.  It could possibly be an outdoor play house, a trip to a horse ranch or a vacation at the Amish Farms. She has even talked about a shopping spree, Disney cruise, bedroom makeover and even a horse for TN. The few days passed and Jake and Hannah  shared their final wishes  with the Wish Granters last June.

The months passed, Jerri continued his treatment. We laughed as the months went by and thought Jeri isn't done with his treatment, so wishes can't be delivered.  Our biggest wish came true......Mr. Jeri Gable is cancer free.  Then in early April, we received a call that Hannah's playhouse was being delivered and Jake Wish Spa was to be shipped in Lakeland on the same day.   The pictures below say it all...... 

Our family is beyond appreciative for Jake and Hannah's gift of HOPE! It certainly has been WONDERFUL to have the opportunity for both kids and my husband and self to enjoy the hot, bubbly spa! The waterfalls are a favorite of Hannah's. Jake likes the captain's chair and I simply enjoy every second of it! It has been used at least twice daily and feels great on our bodies! Thank you donors, volunteers and staff at Make A Wish Foundation for giving Jake and Hannah a gift of HOPE.

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  1. SO happy for you guys! Helping to make the hard time bearable. Love
    The Reynolds